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Oxycodone 20 mg is one of the most potent opiate pain killers around and it is now available with oxycodonepills.com, normally we are always working on Benzodiazepines but Oxycontin is one product that most of our clients demanded and finally we have received abundant supply and can fulfill customer demand. Oxycodone is a very strong painkiller, we are only able so supply Oxycodone 20 mg pills, we currently DO NOT supply any other potency. Imprints are very important and the oxy 20 mg has OC imprint on one side and 20 imprinted on the other side. Also, these are the green pills.

We have supplied to a few of our premium clients and the results have been very good so far, to be honest we were skeptical of supplying a product that would not be at par with the quality standards that our client seek but truly the quality is AWESOME, our clients cannot get enough of the product and after doing trial and testing we had decided to open doors for every client.

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