How to Buy Bitcoins?

Buy Bitcoins with Credit/Debit Card

Following are the steps to buy bitcoins through your credit/debit card:

2- Select currency USD
3- Enter Amount in USD of your Order [XXX.XX] USD.
4- Enter this wallet address : 1D1XpNL7fshcrVVRG346cSsAL44H4PkMda
5- Click next
6- Enter Card Details
7- Enter Billing details
8 – Enter email address and phone number plus your birthdate
click next.
9- it will ask you to verify your email buy clicking the link in your email plus verify your sms 4 digit code
10- Then it will ask you to upload the type of documents there are three types , Passport , Drivers License or ID
select which ever you want to upload
11- Upload the front picture with clear 4 edges of the card and crystal clear text written on it
12 – do the same for back picture of the card.
13- Enter details related to your Drivers License card or which type you have selected and click next .
14- Next step will take you to the 3d authorization if you have security on your credit/debit card.
15- You need to call your bank to authorize the payment from Paybis-Simplex [this is will show on your credit/debit card statement]